About Us

Who we are

BFLGI is an alliance of organisations and individuals working together to protect infant, young child and maternal health by ending marketing practices that commercialise infant feeding, mislead consumers and threaten breastfeeding. We also promote awareness of Irish laws that currently exist and provide signposting to protections available. Though our primary aim is to protect breastfeeding, we do not seek to limit the accessibility of safe and appropriate infant formulae for those who need or want them. Rather, we want to enable parents to make informed decisions about how they feed their babies.

BFLGI is a part of a network including BFLG UK and is a member of the International Baby Food Action Network.

BFLGI are a member of the Coalition 2030 alliance, who are working towards upholding Ireland’s commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) both in Ireland and internationally by 2030.

BFLGI is a voluntary organisation.

What we do

BFLGI advocates for organisations, government and policy-makers to implement and enforce marketing laws that protect infant and young child feeding in order to strengthen these laws in line with The Code. We also seek to provide information and training to organisations to promote awareness and understanding of The Code. In addition, and to aid our advocacy, we support monitoring of violations of Irish laws as well as items within The Code that are not yet covered under Irish or EU Regulations. We provide signposting for organisations and individuals on how to report violations such matters to the relevant authorities in Ireland.

BFLGI participates in public consultations at Irish, European and Global levels to provide representation for the full scope of The Code, as well as on other matters that support, protect and promote breastfeeding.

Our Members

  • AIMS Ireland
  • An Taisce
  • Association of Lactation Consultants of Ireland
  • Cuidiú
  • Friends of Breastfeeding
  • Institute of Community Health Nursing of Ireland
  • La Leche League Ireland
  • Midwives Association of Ireland
  • Individual members from supporting academic disciplines including, but not limited to, medicine, nursing, dietetics and public health

If you wish to register for membership please email bflgireland@gmail.com for details.